Monday 17 June 2013

A School Trip That Ends Up With Goo

Friday, Ebi-kun had a school excursion to.... The local high school and a hair dressers!
From what I can gather, there were several groups and they all went to different places, some went to a bakery, others to a drug store etc. 
So, he had a tour of the high school and had various questions to ask and the same with the hairdresser, which apparently has a beautiful chandelier! And he came home with a shampoo and conditioner sample, those little sachets you get. Of course, he wanted to try them out, I didn't think there was any harm in it, he doesn't use conditioner normally but the hairdresser had explained to them how to use it and I gave him instructions too.

How can anyone mess up using conditioner?

So, he had his bath and washed his hair but what I didn't realise was that he had missed a big lump of conditioner. The next morning he gets up with the revolting gooey mess stuck in his hair. I had to wash his hair twice and it still hadn't washed out, it was revolting! He went off to football and then had to wash it out again that night, it took 4 washes to get all the crappy stuff out.

He has decided that he is never using conditioner again.

Amen to that!

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