Thursday 20 June 2013

Into the dark...

The latest Big Kids Magazine is out, as you know we are fans and have contributed in the past, such as the memory game and the Treasure boats. This time the theme is Into The Dark.

It took quite a while to decide what to make or do, as we were brainstorming Ebi-kun talked about caves and going into a dark hole, so we decided to make one. We used a shoes box and painted the inside black. 

As that was drying, he got out the plasticine and started making scary monsters, we used glue to stick them to the ceiling and walls. Then made an 'Ebi-kun' out of card, so it looked like he was entering the scary cave....

As we worked on the monsters we made up a poem, we had, 3 verses down by the time we finished and then we worked on it a bit more, using the senses as a way of exploration....

The magazine encourages adults and children to work side by side, it is something that both Ebi-kun and I love doing, so if you haven't checked out the magazine yet, go and do so!

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