Tuesday 11 June 2013

Stolen from an Italian restaurant (not a recipe!)

We sometimes go to a lovely Italian restaurant and there are two things that I really love, tiny tweaks that make a big difference. They are so simple that anyone can do them! The first is that on each table they have a little vase or glass with a single flower or a small cutting taken from their garden. Now, I am not the worlds best gardener but even I can manage this! 

With it being small it doesn't over power the table but it does bring it up a notch or two and surprisingly, it starts many conversations too. It is also a great little job for the kids to do, you can show them the first couple of times how to do it, then let them pick one or two sprigs to make the table decoration.

The second thing is also equally easy. You need a net and some fresh herbs - from the garden if you have them. Put a small bunch in the net bag, tie the top and pop it in your hand washing basin/sink. When the water hits the bag it releases a lovely smell, leaves the room smelling fresh and no need for nasty chemicals.

You do need to remember to change it every couple of days though and to move it out of the way when brushing your teeth. Last year I planted lemon balm and it went crazy, it is popping up all over the place this year - great way to dispose of un-wanted over enthusiastic herbs!

One of my mentors, Denise from Lucky Bitch often talks about upgrading, I love implementing these tiny upgrades and they don't even cost anything! Do you have any little upgrades that you can share?

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  1. I will do the net thing! What a great idea. The first we always do it. Thank you for sharing:)


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