Monday 1 July 2013

How To Turn Your Pinterest Board Into A PDF

This is a neat little trick and is super quick and easy. Maybe you want to print the PDF out so you can discuss colour options with your house decorator or maybe you want to share the board with a number of friends and family to decide on your holiday plans. I am sure there are many uses, especially if you don't have an ipad or laptop and taking the computer with you is not a viable option.
If you share the PDF digitally, the links should still be clickable so the person receiving it can then click through to your board from the PDF.

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  1. Not all of my pins on a board show up when I use this method. In what should be 18 pages, only about 4 pages actually show up. Any suggestions? By the way, I am using a Mac desktop. Don't know if that's part of the problem or not.

    1. Sorry, I have no idea, I have used this method on a mac laptop and desktop and it always works fine. I think the biggest document I made had about 10 pages.

  2. Tried this on a PC and it did not work at all. Tried both full Adobe PDF and Cute PDF writer. I just get the title of the board, the author's name and maybe 1/2 of one image.

    1. Hmm I have no idea, I don't use PCs so I wouldn't know where to start, this method works for my on my mac desktop and macbook air. Sorry!


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