Friday 19 July 2013

Let The Holidays Begin....

It is no secret that I love muffin tin meals but during school term I don't really get a chance to make them. Ebi-kun was on half days yesterday and today so I thought we should kick of the holidays in style!

At the back we have cream cheese rolls, the clockwise a boiled egg, ham, string cheese, pineapple and crisps in the middle.

MTD are perfect for the holidays, you can stock up with lots of bits and bobs then just slap it in a muffin tin and call it dinner! If you have kids that like different things or are picky eaters,  perfect - just give them what they will eat, no faffing around making different lunches. Plus the kids love them.

I have collected the ones I have made in the past and made a pinterest board for them, just in case you are looking for some inspiration. We might even do some themed ones again this summer!

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