Thursday 1 August 2013

Ninjago Birthday Party - food

Yesterday was games, today food!
My philosophy with kids party is to make it easy, stress free and not worry about comparing myself to the 'perfect' parties that I see on Pinterest. I also can't see the point in spending a shed load of money on a kids party, cheap and cheerful is the way to go!

Green ninja pop. Store bought melon soda, a piece of green card wrapped around and slap on some ninja eyes (I will explain the easy way to make these in the next post). I put the kids names on the back of the label so everyone knew whose was whose.

Dragon Eggs - hard boil your eggs as usual, let them cool. Take them out of the pan and replace the water, mixing in the colour that you want your eggs, you can use food colour or a natural alternative as long as it doesn't have a strong flavour - you will end up with funky tasting eggs otherwise. Roll the eggs so that the shells are all cracked. pop them into the pan of coloured water and leave over  night. The next day all you need to do is peel them (these work well at Halloween too)

 Deep Fried Venomari. One of our guests bought this delicious chicken, we renamed it as snake, they say snake tastes like chicken...

Ninja Blocks. Another friend made these cool sandwiches, she used a lid from a bottle to cut out the little circles and a bit of butter as glue. Fillings were egg mayo or jam.

Ninja onigiri of course! When I was looking for inspiration for food for the party I saw a lot of sushi style dishes, but we live in Japan, sushi is not anything special, ninja rice balls on the other hand...

This still makes me laugh, just shows how silly my sense of humour is. This characters name is Cole...

Constricti Fangs. Fun names completely change the food you are presenting....

And finally the cake....

We have had a ninja cake before, so I went with the Lego theme instead. I used a small loaf tin and baked 3 cakes, one red, one yellow and one blue. Trimmed the top to make them square. Then I used marshmallow fondant for the icing (recipe here), I have learnt that summer in Japan and butter icing is not a good mix. The nobbles on top of the blocks are little cookies covered in fondant. This was a super easy cake to make, unlike The Castle

I forgot about the utensils stands we made, we used the big Lego, you can see them behind Ebi-kun, we made one for chopsticks, one for forks and spoons and one surrounding the handy wipes!

Lego is such an easy party idea - maybe we will do it again next year!

Want more cool ideas, hop onto the fanzine, it's free!

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