Saturday 24 August 2013

Obon at the in-laws

We had the usual stay down at the in-laws. Consists mainly of eating and drinking too much! The 13th was jii-chan (grandad)'s birthday so we went to the organic viking restaurant, that Japanese English makes me laugh, a viking is a buffet restaurant! The food is always goo and Ebi-kun loves the chocolate fountain they have there, OK, not just him, I love it too!

Ebi-kun had Creationary for his birthday, so we put all the Lego pieces in a bag and the cards in another and took it with us. It was the BEST idea! Not only could we play the game but Ebi-kun was happy just making things by himself. We even got Baa-chan and Jii-chan hooked, Jii-chan really got into it and we had some serious belly laughs at some of the creations.

The 14th I went out on my own and met up with the lovely Jacqui from Heartfil, we had a lovely lunch and chat, it was great to be able to go out child free and have a proper adult conversation! Hubby took Ebi-kun to the new Miyazaki film, The Wind Rises, which is all about the guy who designed the zero fighter, not really my cup of tea.
The the 15th we waited for the cousin to arrive. T-kun had a load of cram school homework to do so Ebi-kun and Y-chan got busy making no end of things with the origami paper, it ended up with a paper aeroplane fight in the spare room. This was the only night that we didn't have sashimi, we did however have sushi! Ebi-kun turned into a sashimi fiend, I am sure he managed to eat a small boats worth of fish when we were there.

As in tradition, hubby and his brother quaffed lots of beer over dinner and then took the kids outside to do fireworks...

The cousin didn't stay over this year because T-kun had to go to cram school again  the next day, so it was a late night but Ebi-kun had fun playing with them. It is a shame they couldn't stay longer since it is the only time they get to see each other. He actually sees more of his English cousins because they are often round at my moms house when we Skype over the weekend.

Do your kids get to spend much time with their cousins?

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