Tuesday 17 September 2013

How to make your own erasers...

We had a full on day on Saturday, started with another trip to the doc, Ebi-kun had blisters appear on his elbows and chin, Doc confirmed it was Hand, Foot and Mouth disease he still has a sore throat but basically they can't do anything to help it.

Because we had been stuck in all week, we went over to the local prefecture pool, not to swim (not a good idea since HFM is contagious) instead we played ping-pong. Lots of fun, lots of giggling and just what we needed. Then we went to the mall for lunch and Daddy-ebi wanted to go to Uniqlo, I also picked up a new top and Ebi-kun got a bargain t-shirt and an eraser making kit. We knew there was a typhoon on the way so we stopped off at the Ice-cream farm for a medicinal ice-cream before doing the weekly shop. We got in just before the rain arrived. 

Yesterday, Ebi-kun decided to crack open his eraser making kit, I really wanted to play too but was reduced to the official photographer!

This is the set, they do doughnuts, fast foot, candy and cakes too. It was ¥525 and you get the moulds, clay and a box for cooking.

First spray the mould with water to stop the clay from sticking.

For some of the sushi parts you have to mix the colours yourself, this is egg so he just used the yellow provided. You need to knead the clay to soften it up so you can work with it.

Push the clay into the deeper side of the mould and squeeze the top on. When you open it up the excess will have squeezed out, just remove it with a toothpick.

Just do one piece at a time, this is the egg...

And this is the rice... For erasers with more than one colour you need to stick the parts together, dry the pieces first or they won't stick.

Using the box provided, put one piece of clay inside then cover with 1.5cm of water.

Zap in the microwave at 600w for 2 minutes, take it out tip the hot water out, refill with cool water for 3 minutes or so. (probably best if an adult does this)

Taa-daa - sushi erasers! This kept Ebi-kun busy for over an hour and we will use the moulds again with playdoh. 

*NOTE* Make she there is good ventilation when you are cooking the eraser and wash your hands well after using the clay, the chemical residue can have an effect on various surfaces if you don't.

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