Friday 20 September 2013

Nameko - the mushroom that is all the craze

It has to be said, Japan loves its mascots! Everywhere seems to have one, almost every company, each prefecture has one - ours is a purple pigeon! There was even something in the news last week about a prison getting their own mascot, heaven knows why!

When I first came to Japan, Afro-ken was all the rage, he was a little dog sporting different hair styles, there have been several others come and go in that time and now it seems to be the turn of Nameko. We were in the DVD/book shop the other day and Ebi-kun spotted this crafting Nameko book, well officially I think it is classed as a book (magazine/book hybrid). Inside are different crafty ideas to make your own Nameko, felt dolls, needle felted, rubber stamps, paper craft and felt badges.

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He did pick out one of the more difficult felt dolls first but then came to his senses and decided on the plain standard Nameko to get him going. I dug into my felt supple, relieved to have the right colours in my magic felt bag.

I started him off on each section, showing him which stitch to use but basically he did it all himself. Took him about 2 hours, he did a great job and is very proud of himself!

And whilst he sewed I got out the rubber stamp carving kit, I haven't done any for a while but it didn't take me long to get back into it....I see Nameko is going to be taking over! 

Next up is a King Nameko and a needle felted one - watch this space!
What are your kids into at the moment, I can't get my head round cute mushrooms, must be my age :)

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