Wednesday 16 October 2013

Rabies anyone?

Well, our flights are booked for Laos and Cambodia at the end of the year which now means we have to get lots of vaccinations, oh joy!

So it was off to Tokyo we go, Saturday we had Hepatitis A, tetanus and Rabies #1. Rabies needs three jabs so we have a couple more trips to go. I have a funny tale about rabies, about 12 years ago, before we went to South America, we had a rabies vaccine. The doctor was about 2 inches from my arm, needle at the ready, when the nurse stopped him and questioned what was on the label. Turned out that they had the DOG version of the vaccine and not the human one. Thank goodness for the eagle eyed nurse!

After all the jabs we grabbed a bento and had an impromptu picnic in the park...

The weather has been a bit crazy recently, we have had some really warm days, the hottest October since the Jurassic period apparently! This has meant we have had some stunning sunsets, the cloud on the way home were amazing...

Ebi-kun I have had to go back to the clinic this Saturday for our next round of rabies and typhoid, the things we do for the sake of an adventure !

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  1. wow! That's going to be a great trip, cannot wait to see your blog in January. What a great experience for Ebi-kun.


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