Tuesday 29 October 2013

Trick Or Treat Japanese Style

We had a full on weekend, by the time it was Sunday evening, I was ready for a weekend break! Saturday, Ebi-kun was at school for the open house day, Daddy had to go to Tokyo for his rabies shot and so I had to go along to the school alone *eek* Nothing too scary, just had to watch a couple of lessons. It was interesting to see how they teach the times tables.

We did the family jobs and watch Ghostbusters snuggled under the blanket since it was miserable out.

Sunday we went to aikido in the morning, there was some big ceremony going on so they had to share the dojo with the Judo kids. The aikido kids got to train with the adults which was fun to watch. After lunch we herded out to the part to try geocaching, we have never done it before and well, we wandered around for ages and didn't find the cache! We will have to try again sometime, potentially it sounds like fun. Have you tried it?

Then it was off to our friends house for Trick or Treating. Dave and Amy have an English school so really it was their school outing but Ebi-kun was really happy he could join, the other 70 odd kids! This year he decided to go as a Japanese ghost Kitaro, turned out to be an easy costume and because the majority of people there were Japanese, they all knew who he was. 

I think, the Kitaro only has one eye and the other eye is actually his dad? - Go figure. I really must research more about Japanese ghosts, there are loads of cool ones!

So there was no part this year, I was tempted to dress up but bailed at the last minute because we were going to have to stop somewhere to eat after the trick and treating and really couldn't face all the stares we'd get. Just as well because we ended up at the Chinese and it was packed!

All in all it was a fun day, we got back late and Ebi-kun was shattered, luckily because he had school on the Saturday he go Monday off!

So, what are your kiddies dressing up as this year?


  1. We already went trick-or-treating once this year on the 26th (downtown event where all the businesses give candy to the kids). Can't wait to go again on Thursday.
    My son is Mario and my daughter is Belle:

  2. very cute!
    I will do a special Halloween dinner on the big night, I am sure daddy will be pleased about that LOL. He hates my gruesome food ideas!

  3. We just started geocaching. The first time was hard. We didn't know what kind of box we were looking for, how big, etc. But, once I nailed down the location (I was just eyeballing because the GPS was all in Japanese, which didn't help), it was exciting to find. I think letterboxing would be more fun because you can actually do something with the box (I think you trade stamps or something). My son was kind of like "Now what?" after finding the box.


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