Wednesday 11 December 2013

Gift finding made easier…

I am super organised this year and all my gifts have be bought and sent! Next year though I will seriously consider buying everything online and having it sent directly to the recipient, no thanks to the customs tax issues (see previous rant post!)

Anyway, I was asked if we would like to try out the Children's gift finder and I have to say, it was super easy to use!

So simple, a child can use it, perfect for those difficult to buy for tweens and teens!

Just pick the sex of the child, their age and the budget and the finder comes up with a list of items available and where to buy them from.

We had an imaginary budget of £100 and this is how we spent it…

Ebi-kun really-really wants a club house or secret den, so this was first in the bag… secret den kit.

He loves Horrible Histories and quizzes so this was an obvious choice too…

Actually I think this would be as much as a gift for daddy as it would for Ebi-kun, I did make him a football game for his 4th birthday, it is still going strong but I think they would like a full sized version these days!

I'm not sure Ebi-kun understands what this is really, it looks cool so it went in the bag !

And of course, we needed a stocking stuffer, this was my pick, Ebi-kun loves trying new foods so I think this would be a fun addition to his stocking…

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