Saturday 21 December 2013

How are you going to reach your new goals?

Aghhhh about an hour before set off my proof copy of my journal arrives! Of course, I have been waiting for it for weeks, I had wanted to share it with you before the holiday madness began. Soon 2014 will be upon us, I am sure you have been thinking about your goals and dreams for the year. Will this be the year you publish that book? Loose 20kg? Run a marathon? Whatever it is have you thought about how EXACTLY you are going to make it happen?

You see, this is why so many goals and resolutions fail, people set the goal but don't have any proper plan to reach it. Never fear, Jo is here.... and what I have got and been in the making for the last couple of years, I just didn't realise it!

So, I often get asked, how I get so much done, well the answer is all in this journal Done It! I used to use a notebook or printouts but t was messy and didn't work so well, I was forever misplacing papers or forgetting to do stuff. Then when I started the mentoring program I decided to put everything into an actual book, everything in one place and OMG what a difference it made! Suddenly I was able to track my money, set out my goals, break them down into steps and actually get all the shit done that I wanted to do.

I made some tweaks to the original version and taa-daa here is the all new, fabulous accountability journal that will really help you achieve your goals and dreams. It comes with a free audio which explains in detail what each section is for and WHY it is important.

I know there are a lot of guru's and self help books out there, brim full of amazing advice but you know what, it means bugger all if you don't put that advice into action, with the accountability journal you can do that!

If you really want to get that book published, shift that weight, get your business started, whatever the dream then I know this will really help you. 

What you waiting for, order yours now from HERE.

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