Wednesday 22 January 2014

A Hillside Retreat in Laos

I think the tummy troubles have run their course so back to Laos we go…

When we arrived at Hillside Resort is was already dark and we hadn't got much of an idea of what the place was like. We settled into our room, had a shower then went for some dinner, turned out to be a bit of a comedy affair with them running out of half the things we asked for but it was good and I was too tired to care!

The next morning we just kicked back and relaxed, we didn't have any plans for the day so we started with catching up with our journals, we had been far too busy with the elephants to do it when we were at ECC!

The resort is up in the hills and was rather chilly to say the least! A few games of ping pong helped! There was also volleyball and boules and in the restaurant they had a selection of games so there was no the to get bored.

The lazy morning ended with a lazy lunch. Ebi-kun is now missing the fruit smoothies, I think he tried everyone available, and I have to say, I am rather partial to BeerLao.

The resort is nestled in the hills, the bungalows are set in a lush garden, if it had been a bit warmer it would have been perfect.

After lunch adventures involved getting lost and getting wet… stay tuned…

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