Wednesday 8 January 2014

Kuang Si Waterfalls near Luang Prabang, Laos

After lunch on the 23rd we took a tuktuk for an hour ride to the forest to see the waterfalls. When we finally got there, we paid first came across the bear enclosure. I have to admit that I was expecting a sad, small bear cage but was pleasantly surprised. The bears have been rescued and this is there new home, they all looked healthy and had plenty of space and toys to play with, including these big hammocks, which looked great!

There are two types of bear, sun and moon, the difference being the colour of the marking on their neck.We just happened to get there at feeding time so they were all standing up waiting for their grub! Cleverly hidden inside bamboo canes so that they have to work for their supper.

Then we walked up the path through the forest to come upon this…

Honestly, the pictures don't do it justice, they were stunningly beautiful. Kuang Si falls are a series of waterfalls and apparently the most beautiful in Laos, that I can believe.

From a distance the water looked a cloudy blue but close up it was sparkling clear. There were signs saying which of the pools were OK to swim in, although I was sorely tempted, it was rather chilly.

You follow the path up the side of the falls, every few meters you come to a new waterfall and pool, each one as stunning as the last. It would have been a lovely place for a picnic! Incidentally, if anyone is reading this and planning to go, there are basic wooden changing rooms but I didn't see any lockers, it looks like most people were in a group and they looked after each others belongings.

It wasn't particularly busy and we took our time going from pool to pool. Ebi-kun still wasn't feeling great but at least the pools were keeping his mind off things.

I did warn you it was going to be photo heavy, i just couldn't narrow the photos down further, think yourself lucky I didn't include all of them.

One of the top pools is for swimming and a handful of brave souls went in. The chap in the tree is about to swing from that rope. I wish it had been a bit warmer, even I, who hates swimming wanted to jump in!

And just to break up the waterfall pictures, we have a big tree and a little boy…

This is the send but last pool, I imagine sitting in here with a cold beer in the hot summer would be bliss, we will have to go back sometime to find out is that is true!

And the final waterfall, I didn't think you could get any higher but we found out a few days later you can actually walk up the side.

Not only were there lots of beautiful waterfalls, the scenery was stunning too, loads of new to me flowers, I have no idea what this is.

Eventually we left the falls behind and headed back to the tuktuk, there were some little stalls at the car park or should that be tuktuk park?

Just sitting in the back, taking in the scenery was interesting enough, it seemed to the trend that if you were on a bike, you wear your jacket backwards! The kids on bikes are on their way home from school.

Not the clearest picture but this woman is carry and enormous pack of straw or similar…

Tony & Guy eat your heart out, the local hairdresser…it was good for Ebi-kun to see how other people live, growing up in a first would country doesn't give him a balanced view of the world.

Then it was time for dinner, we ate at the hotel restaurant, which is all very pretty when lit up at night.

Doesn't make for good food pictures though! I had steamed rice, river weed (live seaweed but grown in the Mekong) fried morning glory and chicken steamed in band leaves. All very tasty, although I am still on the fence about the morning glory!

Next chapter, Christmas eve and the unplanned trip…


  1. Lovely photos! Re the Moon bears, I can wholeheartedly recommend a brilliant book by Gill Lewis called 'Moon Bear' - for kids (fiction) about the trade in Moon bears for bile. I probably wouldn't give it to ebi-kun yet as it is a pretty emotionally tough read. - it's generally listed as an 11+ read. I loved it and it made me very keen to visit Laos.

  2. ohhh will go and have a look for it.
    We just got Half a spoon of rice, which is about a 9year old boy and the Khemer Rouge, tough topic but it is written really well. I will do a review when I get to the Cambodia posts.

  3. Happy New Year JO!! I loved the last two post, all the stunning pictures, I'm looking for the rest of the trip. what a great experience for Ebi-kun. Thanks for sharing

    1. Happy new year to you too!
      I am happy you are enjoying the posts, I thought it might be a bit of a photo over load lol!

  4. Never too many pictures! I can only imagine how beautiful it was in person. Thanks for taking us along. Glad to see you in one of them, too. :) Seems like Momma is always behind the camera (me included).

  5. That pink flower is called bunga kantan here in malaysia. Used in asian cooking. Also Etlingera elatior


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