Monday 10 February 2014

Snow Day! If you lived here you would be excited too!

Where we live we usually get a slight smattering of snow, for one day, once a year. This year we got the worse snow blizzard to hit Tokyo since the beginning of time…or something like that. Luckily it happened at the weekend so the kids were in their element!

Saturday, I had fun making a snow boy on a bike, when I posted this to Facebook my mom and a couple of friends thought it was Ebi-kun covered in snow! You can't really tell from the photo but he only has one leg because I couldn't get to the other side of the bike to build his second leg!

The snow came down all day and well into the night, here is snow boy on bike before I headed to bed…

Sunday, the snow had stopped and we had beautiful blue skies, all the kids on the street were out, making igloo's having snowball fights, just generally larking around. Ebi-kun only came in to have some lunch them he was back out there, when you don't get to see the white stuff so often, you have to take full advantage of it!

It has started to thaw now, I doubt there will be anything but sludge soon! Great timing from Mother Nature! And whilst Ebi-kun played (and after I had finished playing in the snow) I did some sewing, some homework and watched some project runway. I know I am seasons behind on this, I have just discovered Project Free TV so I have been devouring the show, now I know why everyone was raving on about it!

If you have any favourite TV shows, what do you recommend? I was hooked on CSI & NCIS for quite some time but I have got a bit bored of dead bodies, blimey that sounds sick! Anyway, I would rather have something some light hearted to watch! Recommendations in the comments please!

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