Friday 21 February 2014

Tiny Stitching

Well, what fun we had yesterday! Ebi-kun was still off school due to the flu outbreak and Yasutoki had booked the day off work so we could go to the tax office and get all the tax stuff sorted. Of course, that meant we ended up having a family trip to the tax office! We got there at 7.30am as they opened the car park and the we had to wait in line until 8.30am, which is when they open the doors, you then get filed into the right section and you have to wait until 9am before anyone comes to deal with you. At least we were at the front of the queue in our section.

It looks like we are all sorted with the tax stuff, so that is good. When we got home I had some work to do, Ebi-kun was very quiet, which usually means he has got his nose stuck in a book, but this time he had got all my sewing things out and was busy stitching away…

I left him to it, a while later he called me over to shown e what he had been making… a purple Nameko from his book, he has decided he is going to do a whole range - I might have to re-stock my felt supplies. I love the fact that he is fully capable of doing it all by himself now, who knows what he will be stitching up next!

He is back at school today, bit of a shame, I actually enjoy having him here, I don't get as much work done though! Talking of which, the Ultimate Kitchen Bootcamp is back, it is FREE, if you are looking to take back control of your kitchen, and stop yourself from being swamped by Tupperware, come and join us! 
Pop your name in the box to get on the waiting list…

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