Thursday 3 April 2014

Bilingual Playgroup Picnic

April 1st was a full on day for me, with the registration for Clear The Clutter closing and all the stuff that needs to be done on the back end for that and the we had a picnic planned with the bilingual playgroup so I needed to make a bento too and leave the house in time to catch the 10am train.

I did manage a quick April fools joke on Ebi-kun…I screamed like crazy and shouted there was a mouse in the washing machine…totally had him :) Need to be more prepared next year!

Turned out to be a beautiful day for the picnic, the cherry blossoms were perfect! We managed to find a lovely spot under the trees, the kids played well and us moms had a good chat and catch up.

Obligatory hanami shot…

Ebi-kun found his own spot to enjoy the view…

It's much harder now to meet up now the kids are in school, which is a real shame, I miss the regular weekly meetings, as much for my sanity as for the education side of things.

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