Tuesday 8 April 2014

Football and Sushi

Hope you had a fun weekend, after the big launch for Clear The Clutter I was feeling like I needed a break so I hung out with the boys instead of staying home and sneaking a couple of hours work in!

They had football in the morning, it is a lads and dads class, except hubby was the only dad this time! It is a great class, they focus a lot on skills and footwork for the first part of the lesson then they play mini games. The boys love it and Ebi-kun gets to hang out with his English speaking friends, often we go back to their place after the practice.

This week we went for sushi instead…Ebi-kun loves his sushi and sashimi! I never thought I would be feeding my child raw fish, squid and octopus!

Of course, I don't touch the fishy stuff, they do a rather mean aubergine sushi and I like both the egg and corn mayo, I have tried various meat based ones but they don't do it for me!

This just turns my stomach! But when I discard what it actually is, the colouring on the tentacles are quite pretty! That doesn't mean I want to put it in my mouth though!

Once we had done with the fishiness we had to go and get the last few supplies for the start of school, took us 5 hours the other day to go through everything, making sure it all had labels and what needed replacing etc. Glad that job is done for the year.

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