Tuesday 29 April 2014

Snip, Snip…

I went into Tokyo at the weekend to get my hair cut, my arm wasn't long enough to show you how long it was, but it was down to my waist at the back. It has been driving me nuts, getting tangled and knotted so much recently, so I thought it was about time for a change…

I lost count of the times the hairdresser asked me whether it was OK and that I REALLY wanted to chop it all off, just do it already! I actually wanted it red again but when he showed me the colour palette he didn't have a nice kick ass red, more of a dark auburn, I opted to go blond instead - since I have 4 tubs of dye sat in my drawer in the bathroom !

In other news, after the hairdressers I met up with Paige, one of my mastermind buddies, it took us forever to find somewhere to eat - one of the things I don't like about Tokyo, it is so hard to find somewhere without having to wait forever for a seat. 3 hours wait one place told us! Anyway, we found a spot and ended up sharing a table with a lovely lad who was on his holidays. His mom is a diplomat and he has lived all over the world, was very worldly wise, well educated and a genuinely nice chap, I hope Ebi-kun grows up to like that.

Then Paige and I headed off to get a drink, she helped me nut out what it is I need to work on for the My Organized Chaos make-over, looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into that soon. It is so great to have a mastermind buddy that knows you so well!

That was about that, my head feels a lot lighter and it is sooo much easier to brush it in the morning now :)
Did you get up to anything exciting at the weekend?


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