Monday 19 May 2014

It's Food Revolution Day!

Friday was Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day (#FRD2014). The idea behind FRD is to get kids in the kitchen and learning where the food comes from, what goes in a meal and learning some cooking skills. Ebi-kun is already pretty handy in the kitchen so he was up for it. He spent a good few hours scouring the cook books and coming up with recipes for his meal. 

This was stage one, we had to scupper some recipes because either the main ingredients are not locally available or it was something that isn't in season at the moment. Finally he came up with….

Fresh pasta (homemade) with Genovese sauce
Parma ham salad with orange vinegarette
Sweet satay dip with fresh fruit kebabs

It just happened that Mr Ebi and myself had been for our annual health check that day, so daddy was home and was assigned the job of sous chef. So once homework was out of the way, it was all hands on deck in the kitchen.

Picking the basil for the pasta sauce…

Sharpening his knife, he does this every time before using it, a sharp knife is safer than a blunt one…

Daddy got to do things like washing the veg and the washing up! Lucky him. Preparing the salad…

And the dressing…

The sweet satay dip was lovely but made way too much so we have had it on bread and pancakes too!

He prepared the pasta dough in the bread maker, ruling it is hard work so sous chef got that job and Ebi-kun then cut it. Fresh pasta is so much nicer than pre-made, we should get in the habit of making it more often, it is just a matter of being organized enough to let it chill for an hour.

Pasta with gevenose pesto - absolutely delicious.

Thumbs up from the chef! We are lucky that our kitchen is big enough to have more than one person work in there without it being dangerous, a lot of Japanese kitchens are small and not very kid friendly. It is also important for me to be raise a son that can leave home and feed himself properly, not survive on cup noodles and combine bentos and Ebi-kun loves food, trying new things and cooking so it was a perfect end to the day!

And not forgetting dessert…

A big thank you to Jamie, his goal was to get 1 million kids in the kitchen, not sure if he hit that but they had FRD going on in 119 countries, which is pretty impressive.

Did you join in? What did your little chef make?

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