Friday 6 June 2014

Design Your Own Beads

Ebi-kun likes making things with the Hema (Perla) beads, if you don't know them, you put the beads on the little plastic grid then cover with wax paper and iron them until they fuse together. It's fun. But he was bored of doing the designs that came with the pack but when he started winging it he would get half way through and realize that it wouldn't work and then get really frustrated.

The solution! I made some paper grids for the size of plastic grid, which meant he can plan the design first on paper…

Works like a charm and we haven't had any meltdowns over the little plastic beads since. 

If you want to make your own, just open a word processing app, draw a cycle, then copy it until you have a row representing the number of pegs on the grid. Group the circles together the copy and paste until you have enough rows.

If drawing circles is too taxing, go old skill and just do a load of oooooooooo!

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