Wednesday 25 June 2014

Don't Open Until 2025

This is one of those projects that has dragged on somewhat, until last weekend when I put a completion date on it!

The Time Capsule

This all came about from the Andy Warhol exhibition that we went to a couple of months ago. One part of the exhibit had a big pile of time capsule boxes that Warhol had collected, each having an array of oddments from one little segment of time. We decided when we were there that it would be a pretty neat thing to do. Maybe not 600+ boxes like Warhol had, obviously he didn't live in a Japanese house!

So Ebi-kun collected together various bits and bobs, local paper, the Ikea magazine we were featured in, some work from school, photo's and nicknacks. Then he decided to write a book to go with it.

In the book he wrote about the following:
  • my favourite things
  • shopping list with prices
  • 10 places he wants to visit and why
  • 7 types of food he wants to try and where he wants to eat them
  • a typical school day
  • and his predictions about his life when he opens the box in 2025, which leads to this page…

I think I might like tequila, oh, how I laughed! You'd have thought we were slamming back the tequila shots every weekend! Such a contrast with the goldfish, can't wait to see whether this predictions come true.

Once everything was finished, we sealed up the box and put it away until the big day. I entered it in my google calendar just so we don't forget!

Shhhh…What ebi-kun doesn't know is that both daddy and I wrote him a letter and sneaked that in the box too!

Don't forget to pop back in 11 years time for the grand opening!

Have you ever done anything like this with your kids? If so, what was in your box?

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