Wednesday 4 June 2014

How To Remover Glitter Nail Polish Easily

Trying to get the varnish off is a real PITA! I love doing my nails, it is a bit of a Friday night self pampering routine, I know how to live the high life! Anyway, I discovered a neat trick (possibly on pinterest, I can't remember) but it works a treat, so for all you disco ball nail lovers, I bring to you… 

How to get the darn stuff off easily tutorial!

1. Take a hand with some badly chipped nails, preferably with glitter varnish…

2. Next rip up some cotton wool into smallish chances, big enough to easily cover a nail…

3. Soak the cotton wool in nail varnish remover, then place on a nail, push down to make sure there is good contact….

4. Hum to yourself for 30 seconds or so, then… wipe and taa-daaa….

I have tried the nail varnish removal wipes too, some work better than others, so if you are using wipes and it doesn't work, try a different brand next time.

5. Wash hands well, clean nails, shape and then apply new spangly disco colour


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