Wednesday 18 June 2014

Some well deserved ME time

I'm sure I'm not the only mom that misses having "me" time! Just time to do what the heck I want! With not having any family nearby and baby-sitting not being part of the culture; plus the stupid long working hours, it's really hard to get time off!

After the fun day at the football ground, I left the boys to fend for themselves and headed back into town. It was a beautiful day, warm but the humidity hasn't really kicked in yet so comfortable. took a detour through a Japanese garden…

And walked around the big shrine…

Where I spotted a wedding party all in traditional garb, she must have been so hot in that kimono, hat and wig!

Random shot of small bar, just because it looked kinda interesting!

I didn't have much time so after I had nipped in to buy a gift for a friend it was time to meet up with the girls, finally a girls night out! We went to a lovely restaurant to start with (you know it was a good night out when you go to more than one place!) The food was delicious and I'm totally going to steal this idea… lovely fresh veg served on ice and with a hot dipping sauce, which was anchovy based, so I skipped that….

We also went to an izakaya which wasn't worth shouting about, then the hardcore gals, carried on and the others went home! I managed not to miss the last train, thankfully! 

Getting up at 6.30am the next morning wasn't great though and since it was father's day I was on breakfast duty - really didn't plan that well! Looking forward to the next one though, hope we can organize a bit quicker this time!

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