Tuesday 29 July 2014

The Almost Nine Birthday BBQ

We arrived safe and sound, very long trip but fairly uneventful! Doha airport was rather nice, some great play sculptures and super clean.

We arrived in Manchester just after lunchtime and headed home for a cheese and beetroot buttie (sandwich!)

Yesterday the family descended at the house and Ebi-kun got a few presents then we went up to the local pub for a BBQ. 

Hanging with his cousin, who I hardly recognised, he has shot up! 

After we had eaten we had a round of pass the parcel, this was a very low tech, old skool birthday party - mainly because that was all I could be bothered with!

More presents, and help from the girls...

Followed by a Storm Trooper cake, which Ebi-kun decided was too sweet.

The weather was lovely, all the kids got on and it was great to catch up with everyone. This is Kate who actually lives in Japan but is from the same town, so she came over with her girls too.

Lovely day by all accounts! 

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