Thursday 21 August 2014

A Visit To The Tate Modern...

Friday Ebi-kun and I headed back into London to the Tate Modern. I discovered there are free apps to download and use as you go round. We would have liked to see the Matisse Exhibit but it was way too busy so we decided to take advantage of the free exhibits instead and there are plenty of amazing pieces of work to check out.

Ebi-kun is getting really quite good at recognising various artists and styles and it was really interesting listening to his views on various pieces of work. If you think art galleries and kids don't mix, then you need to get your hands on THIS BOOK, quick read with lots of great ideas!

The app we downloaded was Tate Top Trumps, each piece of work has a code, if you think it will be a strong top trump card you tap in the code then at the end you get to have a game of top trumps. Although the idea was really cool, it didn't actually work too well as we couldn't find many pieces of art work that were registered in the game. There is, however an option to play using the artwork stored in the app which works well.

Ebi-kun can also say he has had his work displayed at the Tate Modern, they had some tablets set up when you can create some work of your own then they project it on the wall.

This is about as close as we got to St Pauls, and we had a wander down the South bank...

We met up with some of my mastermind friends, first time I have met them in the flesh, it was great to meet them and have a good chat and erm a couple of bottle of bubbly...

After all that Ebi-kun and I had a 'date' dinner at Giraffe before heading back to Brighton...

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