Tuesday 26 August 2014

Time For A Lazy Sunday...

After a very late night, a lazy morning was in order. Rob kindly got up with the boys and let us have a bit of a lie in! Then we had a late breakfast before heading down to the beach. It was really windy, which definitely blew the cobwebs away! We dried playing Frisbee but after it ended up in the road twice, we gave up and played tag instead (well the boys did, we watched!)

It was way too blustery to venture to the sea...

So we dropped by a little festival and tried a spot of hoopla-hooping instead! We also found a bargain of books, 5 horrible history books, all new, a pound each! Brilliant!

We were getting hungry so we headed to the car via the park for a bit of climbing, of course Ebi-kun decides he needs the toilet, so the others go back to the car and we go to the loo, as we came out the heavens opened - which meant a made crazy dash for the car, we didn't get too wet, surprisingly!

We had a fabulous pub lunch, BIG portions and rolled back down the hill to Di's. Then is was Star Wars (and an afternoon nap for us) finished off with some crazy light saber battles...

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