Monday 6 October 2014

Doesn't time fly?

Well last week was all pretty hectic, what with the live call and the launch of this years MOC, techie gremlins didn't help the matter! It all went of in the end and I have 11 lovely mamas chopping at the bit, ready to get going this time round.

In other news, school has been cancelled today due to typhoon #18, very rainy out but no winds as of yet, like your average rainy day back in the UK!

I did manage to get into Tokyo on Thursday for a badly needed hair cut, in my head I had this idea that I would get my hair done then take a nice leisurely lunch before heading home, the reality was that i was in the salon far longer than I anticipated and ended up with no time for lunch, racing back home just in time for when Ebi-kun got in from school.

At least my hair looks good!

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