Wednesday 29 October 2014

Zombie Boy...

Ebi-kun wanted to be a zombie this year. So I went to Tokyu Hands and bought some decent make-up rather than that crappy cheapo stuff. I also bought some stuff called Creepy Skin which looked great and when we tested it on his arm it looked great. Problem was when he put it on his face it started peeling off pretty quickly.

Next time I will get liquid latex!

I basically used the creepy skin and build up the flesh, stretching it and then made some holes.

Then I used white paint first to make him pale, then added some blue and blended it in and then a little black and green to get the nice bruised skin look. 

Then I added some red mixed with black, I didn't want the bright red fake blood look. In the holes in the skin I painted inside with black then added a bit more red and black mix. The final touch was adding a little fresh red blood just in the edges of the holes.

I didn't have much time to spend on him, so this took about 20 minutes, I would have liked to spend more time on it!


  1. It looks fantastic and like it would have taken a lot more than 20 minutes !

  2. cheers! Can you imagine how cool it would have been if I had 3 hours to do it - like the do on The Walking Dead?


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