Friday 28 November 2014

Aikido and blow darts...

Recently, we have been the first to arrive at Aikido so Ebi-kun has been getting some 1:1 lesson, bonus! The other kids seem to arrive 30 minutes late.
I think we only have a week or two left at this dojo and then we go back to the usual place, it has been refurbished so we weren't able to train there for a few months.

This week there was a stamp rally going on in the rest of the building and one of the activities was traditional dart blowing. Somehow I got roped into having a go, it was  good fun and I'm pretty chuffed with my score - plus I beat all the lads hahahaha.
This is a sport I could take up!

The boys went off and did the rest of the rally and Ebi-kun ended up winning a pot plant. Fun for all concerned, I love these random festivals that we accidentally stumble upon!

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