Thursday 20 November 2014

Saitama Day - yet another day off school

I know my posts haven't been as regular as normal, it's all these public holidays! Since Ebi-kun started back at school in September he hasn't had a full day at school. What with school holidays, typhoon days, national holidays and the odd sick day! Needless to say it has been cutting into my blogging time. Grumble. Grumble.

All that said, I do like having him at home so we can spend time together! So Friday was Saitama Day which meant all the schools in Saitama were off. I decided to steer clear of any museums or attractions that are popular with kids as I knew they would be mobbed - past experience! many of them are open for free on Saitama day too. Personally I'd rather pay and miss the crowds. We did consider going to an art museum in Tokyo but Ebi-kun was feeling 100% so we decided to stay closer to home.

As I had a spot of work to do, he went outside with a friend to set fire to some paper with a magnifying glass and do some loombanding...

I found a place on the internet which I thought was cafe but turned out to be just a shop but we went on an adventure to find it anyway... they sold lots of cute cookies and they are packaged really cutely too (one thing they do so well here!)

The shop is called Okashisan and the main cookies are ¥300-¥400, they also have boxes of cookies and roll cakes too. It is at Yonohonmachi Station, in the Beams section of shops, right at the station.

Since they didn't have a cafe, we sat outside and out ours!

After we had scoffed our delicious novelty cookies we walked over to Saitama Shintoshin. Ebi-kun took his camera and was snapping shots for a new project he is working on (all hush, hush for now)

Then we went to the Hawaiian Burger place for lunch. We very rarely have burgers, I'm not that fussed on them and I hate McDonalds, Ebi-kun is very proud of the fact that he has never been to McDonalds and after watching some of those Jamie Oliver videos, I doubt he ever will!

He wanted popcorn shrimp urgh! so we went halves on a burger set because they are so big and he had his scrimp.

Then we checked out the book store, Ebi-kun bought himself a new book and some Lego. We have been using a new system for his money, I will share in a podcast soon. Once he was spent up we headed home. A pleasant date with the boy.

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