Sunday 14 December 2014

In The Book Bag

When I was in town the other day I decided to pop into the new Book Off (yes, that's the name) it's part of a chain and there is also Hard Off and House Off!

I picked up a lovely Taschen Dali book and a couple of novels for Ebi-kun, that I have squirrelled away. 

I also picked up Wenny Has Wings which is marketed as a kids book but I wanted to read it first to make sure it was suitable. The books is a set of letters that Will, aged 11 sends to his little sister. The two of them were in a traffic accident and the sister, Wenny was killed. Will died for 10 minutes and saw the light but then came back to earth. 
The letters are touching and take you through the roller-coaster of emotions that Will goes through, from the guilt of not protecting his little sister, to missing her to hating her and all the family issues too.
This is not a feel good book, I ended up sobbing into my coffee! I talked to Ebi-kun about it and will leave it on the shelf, then if he feels drawn to it he can read it, at least he has the heads up before diving in. I imagine a child reading this will feel differently that an parent.

Ebi-kun is totally hooked on the Bear Grylls books, he has just finished up the third one and can't wait to get his hands on book four, he'll have to wait until Santa gets here! These are great books for boys and I imagine quite a few girls would like them too. Very exciting story lines.

What are you reading at the moment? How about your kids?

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