Sunday 7 December 2014

Our Christmas Ornament Tradition...

We got out the decorations and decorated the house on the first. One of our favourite traditions is putting the 'special ornaments' on the tree at the end. When Ebi-kun was born I decided to buy him an ornament each year, here they are...

Bought from a shop in Omiya...

This is really heavy glass from Loft

I love this one from Providence Art Glass, the one I ordered got lost (and returned to her) in the mean time she sent me this one that I actually like more. Hand blown and stunning!

I think this is the overall family favourite from Squidglass

This is a ceramic snowflake from Emily Dyer

This little bird we got when we were in the UK

Fun little ornament from Whimsey Love (it has his name on it but I photoshopped it!)

This one was bought on the Southbank when we were in London, makes me laugh...

Ebi-kun chose this when we were in Laos, we were supposed to be at the Elephant sanctuary on the 25th but it got postponed for a couple of days because he was sick but he wanted an elephant so he would remember where he was around that time.

And this years is a giant squid putting a bow on a ship because... why not? It's from GlakLove

And there we have it! Do you have any traditions that you made up just for your family? Do tell...

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