Sunday 4 January 2015

The Annual Christmas Party

Hello again! I took a bit a bloggy break which mean of course I'm completely behind on my posts! It's the first time I have totally stepped away from the blog since I started almost 8 years ago, felt weird!

But I'm back now, so expect a few out of date posts!

Soooo back in 2014, we had a Christmas party with some of our friends, we had pot luck as usual and I made a cheeseball snowman... which was lovely and dead easy to make.

200g cream cheese
200g grated cheese
150g dried cranberries (optional)
1/4c yoghurt
dash Tabasco sauce

Blend everything but the cranberries together, when well combined, mix in the cranberries. Spilt into 1/3 + 2/3 and form into a ball, wrap each one in cling film then pop in the fridge to set. I left them over night. Then just unwrap, pop the small on top of the big one and decorate like a snowman, I used raisins.

I also cut into the Christmas cake, first one I have made and it was lovely! The marzipan, also homemade was a bit rosey because I didn't have enough almond flavouring so the rose water overpowered the flavour a bit, but it was still good.

We also played a load on minute to win it games, loads of fun! This one is a tennis ball in the bottom of a pair of tights that are pulled onto the head. You have to swing the ball to knock 5 PET bottles over, all in 30 seconds...

The classic eat the cookie task. Start with the cookie on the forehead, use your face muscles to move it around your face and into your mouth - not as easy as it sounds and makes a right bloody mess when you drop the cookie on the floor!

15 cups and 1 balloon. Blow up the balloon and blow the cups off the bench. This is quite easy unless the contestant gets a fit of the giggles, then the game is over...

We played a few others too, if you go onto YouTube and search for minute to win it blueprint, there are loads of game ideas - some too messy to do indoors!

The boys had a good time though and us adults chilled with a beer or 7! Great way to get into the Christmas spirit!

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