Wednesday 8 April 2015

Legend Of The Guardians and The Paint Box...

It was a pretty miserable day the other day so we decided a snuggle on the sofa and a film was in order. Ebi-kun decided he wanted to watch Legend Of The Guardians again, cute film but quite violent!

After the film he got out his paints and was inspired to do some owly paintings...

He started off with the acrylics and painted a barn owl...

Then he got the water colours out and painted Hedwig from Harry Potter (we are currently on book 4!). Whilst he was painting he was talking a lot about the difference in the paints and how they react differently. It's interesting listening to him make these observations.

And whilst he was chattering away, I was painting my own owl, in between making dinner and downloading and uploading files for the Montessori Crash Course! Bit of a freaky looking owl really..

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