Saturday 16 May 2015

A Late Boys Day....

We decided to head back home using the regular roads rather than the highway, the scenery is stunning and much better than being stuck in traffic. We found one the towns was having a boys day festival so we stopped for a quick look around.

Ebi-kun decided he wanted to try the bungee trampoline! I'm a big believer that experiences are better gifts than physical things and would rather spend the money of something like this than some plastic tat on one of the stalls.

It went really high!

Ebi-kun isn't very big for his age and weighs next to nothing so he was having a hard time flipping himself over, he did manage it in the end. It was funny when he got off, his legs were shaking!

The Koi noburi streamers over the river were beautiful. The rest of the festival was the normal fare of fetival food, yaki soba, choco-banana and the such like. plus the usually plastic crap. They also had a band playing on stage but I think Ebi-kuns descriptions explains it all 

"What an awful noise, it's making my ears hurt"

So we continued on our way and set off to find something for lunch.

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