Thursday 4 June 2015

Up, Up and away...

I've been think that I really need to move my butt more, especially since most of my work is done on the computer these days, I can actually go all day with about 500 steps! Not good! I'm developing what some would call, an entrepreneurs bum!

Anyway my friend Jacqui had been raving about here Jawbone Up band around the time that I upgraded my phone. On the iphone 6 there is a health app that tracks your steps and various other things. So I started to obsess over it, problem is, I don't have my phone on my all the time!

So I decided to invest in a band, of course it took me forever to decide which one and then to choose a colour, best match your fitness equipment with your hair I find...

The band is made from a silicony rubbery material and is super light. I wear 3 bracelets 24/7 so the addition of the band makes no difference at all. You wear the band all the time except for in the bath/swimming. It's splash proof but not water proof and you need to take it off to charge it once a week.

The silver cap with jawbone on it comes off then you plug it into a short cable and into your USB port on your computer to charge. very easy. For updating, I picked the band that updates via bluetooth so I don't actually do anything, it syncs with my phone automatically.

So what does it do? It measures your steps, as you might be aware the 'scientists' say 10,000 steps a day is a good figure to aim for. It also reminds you when you have been still for too long and tracks your sleep patterns.

You can set up goals and reminders, so to go to bed at a certain time for example and it will wake you in the morning when you are in a light sleep pattern.

You can also pop in your food intake for the days, how much water you have drunk and track your weight. pretty nifty! The one thing that I REALLY love about it, is that you can team up with other UP users and cheer each other on. I have 5 in my team at the moment and it's great to see how everyone is doing each day. 

All in all I am loving it, it is definitely helping me to actually move more, I've taken to exploring the neighbourhood, something I usually do on the bike but I have been walking. Nothing like a 5km yomp to start the day! If you have an UP band, hit me up so we can be team mates - more the merrier! And if you have any questions about it, give me a shout in the comments.

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