Friday 3 July 2015

Sunday Morning Rituals...

Now the Aikido dojo has been refurbished Ebi-kun is back at the regular dojo at the same time every week. I used to sit and watch, or read a book whilst he practices but then a new mall opened 5 minutes walk away! Excitement. Trouble is, the mall doesn't open until 10am and aikido starts at 9am. Bummer.

So I have taken to going for a long walk and exploring the neighbourhood. We used to live a 10 minute bike ride from the dojo but I never really explored this end of town, I say town, I mean rice paddies!

The rainy season is upon us so the flowers are out, these are stunning but make me a little sad because I know the hot humid weather will be with us soon...

Something you don't see much of, graffiti, interesting that it's often in (bad) English! I have no idea why, maybe it looks cooler or something!

Very humid day, looks like all the rice has been planted, the gray valleys now look green and the paddies are so noisy with the frogs!

One of the honour boxes, this one is a bit flash and the only one I've seen in this neck of the woods sell flowers! There is a price for the veg and flowers, you drop your money in the box and take what you paid for. I do love that these exist!

Then when I've done my hours ramble I head up to the mall for a nice coffee and some "me time"! Not a bad way to start the day.

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  1. I wondered about the graffiti language too. Maybe a sign of rebellion - and so in a foreign language? I assume English is taught across the nation, even if not many become proficient with it, because mostly everyone did seem to understand when I talked in English, or they could read some English text....


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