Sunday 2 August 2015

And we are off...

Only a week or so late with this lol.
I'm catching up...honest!

Some random pics of our journey, I live this window display with the giant quilling...

And officially on holiday! Campai!

We flew with Etihad, great survice, very bumpy flight and we flew through a thunderstorm which was a bit un-nerving! We had 6 hours to kill in Abu Dhabi, the airport is clean and plenty of seating so it wasn't too bad. We watched the sun come up over the planes.

The final flight was another 8 hours but all fine. I had ordered us fruit platters, so much better than the regular meals, Ebi-kun doesn't like the normal flight food and I always feel bloated when I have eaten it. So having fruit and some healthy snacks was a much better way to go!

I'm pretty sure many people don't realise you can order different meals and there is a whole range of things you can choose.

We arrived to a cloudy and dull Manchester but in one piece, with the joy of jetlag about to kick in.

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