Thursday 13 August 2015

Brighton Here We Come...

Still playing catch up! A combo of lack of internet access and being totally knackered, I will get there in the end!

[Tuesday 4th Aug]

Yesterday we travelled down to Brighton to stay with my bestie, Di. Then today we took a bus into town and headed down to the pier, had a nice brisk walk along the sea front...

Went to see the big tower that they are building, the boys weren't impressed...

It was really quite windy but there were some hardcore British sunbathers out for the day, not my idea of fun, but then I'm not a beach type of chick.

Love these boat chairs, seems like the in place to sit for a romantic cuppa tea.

We had taken some sandwiches with us and ended up sat in this boat on the beach eating out butties and then... it rained! Just a bit, so we weren't too soggy. Di decided to do some in boat dancing, no, I have no idea why!

There are several boats along the front that they boys wanted to clamber in.

We found a giant Ebi to fight with...

I had a bit of a smooch instead!

We eventually made it to the pier, Ebi-kun is now big enough to go on the rides so at his request we went on this sky chaser and the waltzers, it's been a long time since I have been on any of these types of ride too!

It was still windy but the weather brightened up. We wandered back into town to have a look for a birthday present for Ebi-kun and free pizza for dinner - one of Di's wins of course!

Fab day, the boys got on really well, which considering there is 5 years difference is really good. Next up... London!

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