Tuesday 11 August 2015

Picnic Crashing in Congleton Park

My step sister was meeting a friend down at the paddling pool and we decided to gatecrash, except that when we got there it was cold and they had decided against paddling. Picnic in the park then... it started to rain, so we headed off to the bandstand for lunch!

Very British, freezing our tits off eating cold sandwiches in the rain the park!

The weather was so weird, one minute it was pissing down and next the sun would come out. The kids didn't care about the rain and went and played anyway.

Little MJ played for a while but I think she got fed up and dragged daddy back (I don't think daddy minded as he was getting soaked too!)

These two are cousins and A was born March, Ebi-kun in July and A is a good head taller!

We had visited Pappy in the home before went to the park and Lou wanted to go and see him so the kids stayed with us. A and Ebi-kun got the scrabble out and me and MJ got the kids scrabble, she was quite happy just matching the letters.

We might see MJ again but A is going down to stay with her other gran so this was the last playdate. It's lovely that they all get on so well.

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