Wednesday 5 August 2015

Visiting Cocky

My Nana, AKA Cocky until recently was living by herself but has had to move into a home because it was getting dangerous having her home alone! She is 95 next week, so she did well to stay independent for so long.

She did keep nodding off so my mom decided to keep us entertained! No end of fun over here! My mom had taken a boxes of Roses chocolates and we had taken some Japanese wafers cookies, when my aunt went to visit the next day, the chocolates had all gone and there were 4 wafers left! These oldies like their sweets!

One of the hardest things about living the other side of the world is seeing how much everyone ages each time you see them. Cocky seems to have aged a lot since last summer, she is still as cheeky as ever mind! She doesn't like hanging out with the other residents of the care home in the lounge because she doesn't like "Mingling with all those old pensioners" hahaha that's ripe coming from a 95 year old!

She still has a sneaky sherry at night but I think she has given up the totty of Baileys in her morning coffee! I hope i'm as mad as her at that age.

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  1. Wow! 95!
    I lived in another country for a few years, and totally get the family-looking-older thing.


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