Thursday 22 October 2015

Vision Boards are out - Vision Clocks are in!

Vision Boards are out - Vision Clocks are in!

I have a confession... my vision board is out of date, seriously out of date, it had the amount of new clients I wanted for 2014!!

*hangs head in shame*

So I really needed to redo it but we don't really buy magazines and the idea of battling with the printer just kept me from digging in and getting the job done.

The other thing that happened was my gorgeous clock died and I couldn't find one I liked to replace it so I had this awful bright green ¥100 monstrosity hanging on the wall, just above the out of date vision board. Not looking good!

Then I spotted this cool clock which allows you to add your own pictures, the one in the shop had photos and postcards clipped in but as soon as I saw it, I had other plans...

A Vision Clock!

I talked to the family about what we wanted in the following 12 months, made a note and then got onto google images and found some suitable photos. Wacked them into photoshop and resized them so they were all the same, printed them out onto gloss sticker paper and then stuck each one onto some gold card that I had lying around in the craft supplies.

Hung it on the wall and taa-daa....

The clock was from Flying Tiger and off the top of my head, I think about ¥800. I did paint the clock hands with nail varnish, they were silver before and impossible to see!

It will be easy to swap out the 'visions' once we have manifested them, easy!

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