Wednesday 4 November 2015

Unexpected trip...

Well it has been a shitty few weeks, with Den passing and then Cocky and there has been some pretty awful stuff going on that for legal reasons I can't post about. Anyway, I think all the stress has taken it's toll on my mom and she ended up in hospital. She should be released today, nothing too serious, hopefully.

I decided that I should go back to be with her for a couple of weeks, keep an eye on her and all that. Not an easy decision because it meant having to arrange some kind of childcare for Ebi-kun. He will go to gakudo (after school club) for a couple of weeks and hubby will finish work early so he can get back and pick him up, he will be playing single parent for a while!

The good thing is that one of Ebi-kuns mates goes to gakudo, so he will have someone he knows to hang out with. The in-laws have offered to go and help, not sure how that would work out, it might end up with hubby doing more work! We will see...

So now I am sat in Abu Dhabi airport without my mini side-kick, it's quite surreal, I haven't travelled by myself for 10+ years! Weird, I keep thinking I've forgotten something.

Most of the time, living is Japan is great but sometimes it really sucks and it is a looooong way from home. I'm not looking forward the jet lag to say the least but at least I will only have my own  cope with this time.

Not sure how the blogging will go, I've got some half written posts,  I might actually get around to posting them lol. But now you know I haven't fallen of the face of the earth or anything :D

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