Thursday 31 December 2015

Hibiya Christmas Market

[Saturday 19th]
Ebi-kun was feeling much better and had managed to get a relatively decent nights sleep so we decided to head into Tokyo to one of the Christmas markets. I looked into all of them and the one at Hibiya sounded the most promising.  How wrong I was...

Hibiya is quite a trek for us to get to but luckily the trains weren't too busy and the market was held in the park which is close to the station. We got there before it went dark but it was already heaving!

There was a big German tower thing, apparently the tallest in the world, so that was quite cool...

From what we could work out, there were only 4 or 5 stalls that were selling goods, the rest were all selling food - sausages seemed popular! Plus beer and mulled wine. Every stall has a massive queue so although we had gone with the intention of trying some new-to-us food we ended up just getting a mulled wine for me and a hot chocolate for Ebi-kun.

The cabins were decorated with pretty lights and there were various acts on the stage. We didn't get to see inside any of the cabins selling goods because neither of us wanted to wait in line for 20 minutes!

So we tried to make the most of it by taking lots of pictures...

Some cute little fellas on the roof...

Then we headed back to Saitama to meet Daddy for dinner. These German style markets having been popping up in Japan in recent years but maybe I have been spoiled by the ones in Manchester - which were great last time I was there, I was very disappointed with Hibiya and well, won't be bothering again unless we are actually in Europe!

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