Monday 28 December 2015

Vicks vapour run on the feet - BUSTED

Well hello old friend, I haven't been about much the last couple of weeks. Ebi-kun got sick, he had an awful cough and it took several trips to the doctor before we found medicine which helped clear it up. That coincided with my birthday, as he was off school it was a very low key event but it did involve lots of good cake - I will be posting about that!
Then I got sick just in time for Christmas and ended up on antibiotics, so all in all it's been a sickly yet quiet holiday. I do have the new mac set up but not all the software I need installed yet.. getting there...

I do have a pile of catch-up posts for you and hopefully i'll be back on track by the time the new years arrives!

Ebi-kun is in there somewhere, I did say that he didn't have to run because he had a cough but he wanted to do it, at least the weather was clear. I think he came 56 out of 128, I'm not convinced that running is a good thing to do with a cough and he didn't get placed as high as he hoped but at least it is over and done with now.

He gets the same cough around the same time every year, the Doc is at a loss of what causes it other than the change of the seasons. He ran loads of tests, gave him an chest x-ray but nothing. Last time we got referred to the big hospital, they also ran a barrage of tests and came up with nothing, eventually it just cleared up. Very annoying.

We had a long list of home recipes to try too, none were very effective, including rubbing Vicks on the sole of his feet before bed. I did google this to see how it works, apparently it is an urban legend, the original post that did the rounds in 2007 stated that the Canada Research Council had conducted research on the method and it effectiveness. On problem is the Canada Research council didn't exist and the only similar organization said they had never run tests along these lines.

Despite all this, it still gets quoted as an effective method to sooth a cough, I have used it myself and on Ebi-kun and on occasion it has helped - so maybe it does work but there is not scientific evidence to prove it. So I supposed semi-busted is more accurate!

Have you tried it, did it work for you/your kids?

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