Tuesday 5 January 2016

How do you grow trees on the second floor?

[December 19]

Aghh the post that got out of sync! Oh well, I should be back up to date soon, you know before spring arrives!

This was after the Christmas market, daddy had been at work so we met up at Saitama Shintoshin for dinner then has a wander down to the hiroba to see the lights, it finally started to feel Chrsitmassy, the lights were very pretty...

Another Christmas market, far from crowded but equally rubbish! I have come to the conclusion that someone who has never been to a Christmas market has set these up! Oh well, looked pretty!

Ebi-kun found a friend, I don't know why but he really likes the Pink Panther, I always though it was stupid - we're not so alike after all.

We used to meet up with the playgroup kids here back in the day, it's a strange place, there is an open area with trees planted but they are on the second floor, there are actually shops and the bus station underneath the trees, I'm still not sure how it works!

So although it started out as a disappointing day it turned out OK in the end. And if anyone knows how the trees work at the Hiroba, let me know!

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