Tuesday 9 February 2016

Lunch With The Foreign Biz Ladies

The other day I decided to take a few hours off, well to be honest, pretty much the whole day. But I am the boss, so that's OK!

I headed into town and went straight to the massage place, my neck and shoulder was so stiff, she worked a treat on it! Although I sometimes wonder if masseurs actually make it hurt more just so when they stop you feel total relief... hmmm.

After that I met up with an old friend, Laura, she had arrived early. We had a bit of a chat then met everyone else at the cafe. It was great fun meeting other entrepreneurs, most of my foreign friends here are teachers/moms so the conversations tend to circulate around those two topics, this time it was different and I enjoyed the ideas being bounced around!

We were quite a mixed bunch too, I was the token Brit then we had a couple of Aussies, an American, a Jamaican, and a Dane plus two adorable hafu kids who were both incredibly well behaved.

I am hoping we can make this a monthly event, we all have to travel to the central spot but once a month should be doable.

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