Friday 26 February 2016

Poking Around in Shibuya

When I was looking for somewhere to spend out art date I spotted a free Damien Hurst exhibit, I figured it would only be small as it was free so kept it as a back up. From the map it looked like the place was just behind the station, it wasn't too hard to find! It was in the creative space on the 8th floor of the Hachi building.

before we found Damien's work, we came across a small exhibit of Japanese puppets, we had fun deciding what the puppets were thinking...

Then we found the Damien Hurst room, there were just a handful of prints, personally, not impressed. Especially after just seeing Murakami's work Hurst looked like a 5 years olds doodles in comparison.

We had a wander around the rest of the floor, there was a food exhibit for the 47 prefectures, not a lot going on to be honest but the set up was nice.

Then we decided to go and find something to eat and went down to the basement, the floor with all the omiyage, one thing Japan does so well is the displays... look at this chocolate...

And these were all spices, we actually spent a lot of time wandering around oooing and ahhhing but didn't buy anything! There did look like some nice cafes and restaurants on the 7th floor too, maybe we will check them out next time!

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